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The continuing evolution of information technology has a considerable impact on the travel agency industry. The widespread public use of the Internet has created a number of conditions that have been game-changers to the modern travel agency. Airlines themselves have cut out the travel agents altogether by allowing customers to book tickets directly from their sites. Travel agents' commissions have declined and are set to reduce further in coming years.



Saif Air will offer attractive returns for agency partners—well above U.K. industry standards.


Saif Air will work with travel agents, but not in the old traditional way. Once registered as an affiliate, agencies will be able to login in and have access to purchase seats on any flight at a wholesale rate and will not have to submit the passenger's name until 48 hours before the flight, and charge their client whatever they feel appropriate.


To become an affiliate, an agency will buy a certain number of shares of the company. The minimum shares an affiliate agency can buy is £10,000 (later £20,000) for which the agency will be listed as a preferred provider with a link on our website to their own websites.


Travel Agencies who believe in our offer are requested to simply register your interest at this time by submitting the registration form attached at the bottom of this page. Please note this will by no means be a financial commitment (no need to send money at this time). Once a target number of affiliations are met, you will be contacted by the airline's nominated attorney's firm. If you decided to become the airline's affiliated agent at that time, you will be asked to send payment in return for share certificates which will be issued to you in one month time.

Our affiliates will receive periodic offers and promotions not offered to the general public. The number of agency affiliates are limited.

Note: The Travel Agencies will be free to cancel their affiliations by surrendering their share certificates back to the airline for full share price refund without any deduction.

If interested, please fill out the Affiliate Program Inquiry Form below.

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