The Company

The plan for the Saif Air airline is an outgrowth of the market research and experience, garnered over nearly fourteen - year period, beginning in 2003.


Dr Saifur Rehman identified a growth opportunity in the aviation and travel sector between the UK and South Asian region. This opportunity is occasioned by growing economic, political, and social stability, and consequent significant business expansion, within and between most of the Indian Sub-continental countries.                                                                                             


All board positions will be held by equity members proportioned to their direct ownership interest in the airline. Additionally, some board positions will be held by non-equity members, strategically selected by the board members, whose presence and guidance will` serve to advance the airline's operation, business interests, financial positions and expansion. To obtain maximum flexibility in terms of certification and flight and landing rights, it is important that the primary carrier operate under an air operator's certificate (AOC) granted by CAA in the UK or EU. flagged carrier.




Legal Structure


Saif Air Limited incorporated in the United Kingdom. The founder members of the airline will contribute about 10% of the total capital with the balance will be offered to equity investors.



Share Capital


Saif Air will raise funding by issuing of shares (Ordinary and Preferential) to interested private investors in the UK and in South Asia. The nominal value of share is £1 each. Share Capital will be increased as Saif Air progress to services more and more destinations.






We will provide a valuable service to our customers, a rewarding opportunity for our employees, and an attractive profitability to our shareholders. We believe that success in this endeavour depends on our employees. Satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers, which lead to satisfied shareholders. To achieve this, we will enable our employees to act with an entrepreneurial spirit, and we will value those willing to take responsibility for their actions and the consequences of those actions. We will treat employees as family, which fosters intimacy, informality, strong relationships, caring attitudes, and it makes work more fun. We will give employees the opportunity to become shareholders and to participate in the financial benefits of ownership. We believe that people take better care of things they own. Saif Air understands that a financial security is a top priority for its people. We will treat employees with respect, which will encourage them to treat each other and every customer with respect. Throughout this endeavour, our passenger safety will be the overriding force behind any decision.



Management Summary


Saif Air is putting together what it expects will be solid management team combining extensive aviation industry experience with significant experience in marketing, flight and ground operation, finance, accountancy and management. The Company has already received application from the deserving candidates for the required posts and have been short listed. As more advanced planning continues on the airline and investment is in place the full core management team will be finalized and its members brought on board


It is important to note that during the first twelve months the operation will be handled by Portuguese airline under their own AOC. All technical crew such like Chief Pilot, Training Pilot, Engineers, Flight Operations, Safety and Quality Control, Pilots etc. will be provided by the Portuguese Airline, thus taking away most of the operational burden from Saif Air' management and ensuring a timely launch. We only have to recruit ground operation crew, like airport managers, marketing, sales, finance and IT and cabin crew. The cabin crew will be recruited from the UK and Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. These will be recruited about three months before the start of operation. They will be trained, type rated and licensed by the Portuguese Airline.The other operational crew will be recruited locally just before the start of operation. These are widely available in the industry.


Saif Air is committed to provide its Employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Creativity and innovation will be encouraged for improving the effectiveness of Saif Air. Above all, Employees will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they will be expected to share externally with every Saif Air Customer.




Management team


A complete management team is being assembled. The team will bring together a wide range of skills and backgrounds covering the key areas needed to form, launch and operate an airline.



Management Team Gaps


It is premature to speak of the management team until a core management team is named. The individuals who will play leading roles with Saif Air will need to possess the widest possible range of the requisite skills. The current project team believes investors in the airline will want to play a key role in helping formulate core management. Once primary investment is established, that step can be undertaken, and it is anticipated that the core team will be finalized quickly.


Saif Air will need people with high skill, experience, energy, and vision to head up and serve in such areas as information management, flight safety, aviation operations, aviation maintenance, ground operations, sales and marketing, communications, and human resources management, also good pilots, co-pilots, cabin crew members, and ground staff, and administrative staff.


Saif Air have emphasized on hiring very well experienced management team. Saif Air believes that a strong and well experienced management is critically important to an airline, and especially an airline envisaged. The right management team is seen as the first and foremost key to the success of the over-all venture.        




Dr Saifur Rehman, Founder & Chairman,


Dr Rehman has an MBA from University of Miami, USA and PhD from Brunel University, UK in Corporate Finance. He has nearly 45 years of working experience with leading multinational firms, 10 years as a corporate banker in Pakistan. Whilst working in the UK for global finance sectors, held senior management roles as a Finance Director and Management Consultant. He has strong leadership, interpersonal and communication skills with multi-disciplinary teams and diverse cultural environments.


He has specialist expertise in re-structuring and start-ups. He also holds a second MBA degree in Airline Management System from Cranfield University, UK. He is also an experienced planner in the following fields.

* Business Plan Development and Implementation.

* Strategic Development of Business Plans, planning designing.

* Setting up new markets and strategic route analysis.

* Maximizing profits and minimizing expenditures.

* Opening new associated channels to provide further Ancillary income streams to main Business. 




Miss Afshan Rehman, Finance Manager,  


Miss Rehman is a qualified Certified Accountant, has nearly 10 years working experience in major finance organisations in the field of corporate taxation, auditing and finance. Currently Miss Rehman is working as Assistant Accounts Manager at Property Management Company in Manchester.


Air Com (R) Malik Mansab Khan, Country Director, Pakistan

​Mr Khan is the retired Air commodore of PAF (Pakistan). His expertise is aircrafts management, assessment, appraisal, engineering and maintenance. He has a strong management experience and has been a General Manager of maintenance and engineering of Mirage Aircraft Re - build Complex (Kamra, Pakistan) for 5 years. Mr Khan has been a General Manager at Shaheen Air Trading Corporation for 3 years and is a qualified and experienced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.


Non-Executive Directors                                        

To be appointed from the field of Accountancy, Management, Banking and Policy making.

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