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To fund its first year of operation, Saif Air is currently running a fundraising campaign by offering Saif Air Family Club Memberships each priced at £500 (shares) for Gold Membership and £1,000 (shares) for Platinum Membership with money back guarantee. 


Saif Air Family Club Membership is being offered to those who want to become the founder members of the Saif Air family. The membership can be cancelled at any time for a full refund of share price without any deduction.


People who believe in our ideas and services presented in this website and in our business plan are requested to simply register your interest at this time with your application form. Please note that this will be by no means a financial commitment (no need to send money at this time). Once the target membership is reached, our nominated attorney’s firm will contact you. If you decided to take part in the membership (shares) of the airline at that time, you will be asked to send your payments in return for share certificates, entitling you for numerous rewards mentioned. The people who become a part of our journey will become incredible ambassadors for this project.


There are two kinds of Family Club Memberships:

1. Gold Club membership.
2. Platinum Club membership.

Please note that this promotional membership is limited, (only 30,000 members). Please register yourself now to avoid disappointment by submitting the form attached with the information required.


  • Please read terms & conditions at the bottom of this page.

Gold Club Membership







A onetime membership of £500 of Ordinary Shares (single membership or in four (2) equal monthly payments)


* Guaranteed minimum of 10% cash discount each and every time you travel.

* Extra Baggage Allowance
* Separate Check in Counters
* Chance to win free return tickets.
* Yearly dividends on your ordinary shares.

* Free train/coach tickets from your nearest station to airport & back in the UK.

* Free pick/drop air-conditioned coach service from Islamabad Airport to Mirpur City in Pakistan

* Complementary pick/drop chauffeur service if you travel in business class
* Entitlement for other promotional offers and rewards.   
* Free Transportation of deceased body to Pakistan with guaranteed two tickets to accompanied family members at discount      price.


Platinum Club Membership











A onetime voluntary membership of £1,000 of Ordinary Shares (single membership or in four (4) monthly payments)






* Guaranteed cash discount up to 15% each and every time you travel. OR
   Through free travel with our member airlines, from any airport in the UK or Europe to our Stansted/Heathrow or                      Manchester hubs for onward journey to Pakistan and return with Saif Air

* Extra Baggage Allowance
* Separate Check in counters
* Chances to win free return tickets.
* Entitlement of other promotional offers and rewards.
* Entitle to get yearly dividends on your ordinary shares.

* Free transportation of deceased body to Pakistan, with guaranteed discounted air tickets to deceased immediate family            members and free transport facilities for deceased body to destination in Pakistan within 50 miles’ radius.

* Free train/coach tickets to/from Airport to London.

* Free air-conditioned coach pick/drop service from Islamabad Airport to Mirpur City.

* Complementary pick/drop chauffeur service if travelling in business class

Terms & Conditions of Saif Air family club membership:

1. Cash discounts of 10% (Gold Club membership) and up-to 15% (Platinum Club membership) are only allowed, if tickets         are purchased from the airline’s call centers or from its own website and paid by credit cards or debit         cards.

2. Only one discount/benefit will be allowed at a time.

3. The membership can be cancelled at any time. Simply return your membership card(s) and Ordinary Shares for full cash       refund.


4.  Individuals who are 18 years of age or over may apply for membership.


5. Membership is not open to companies, partnerships, unincorporated associations or similar entities.


6. To apply for Membership an individual must apply online at Membership applications must state the           applicant's full name, telephone no. and preferred mailing address for correspondence. Members cannot state more than       one preferred mailing address.


7. Membership is offered at the discretion of Saif Air and may refuse Membership to any applicant.

8. Applicants accepted as Members will be given a Membership number and may be provided with a Card. Multiple              Membership is not permitted and each Member must maintain only one account. In the case of duplication of Membership,    all Memberships (other than the first Membership approved by Saif Air) will be cancelled. 


9. Only the Member named on the Card may use it or quote the Membership number. Cards are not transferable in any             circumstances.

If you are interested, please fill out the form below and submit.

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