Airline Concept & Scope

Saif Air - An Airline that Flies Above the Rest




Saif Air is a new British airline, based in London, that will focus on three premium class service and plans to establish itself as a niche player in the UK – South Asian (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka), and Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Canada and USA travel market, connecting them with Europe using UK its HUB. Saif Air’s Business Plan is unique, by continuously focusing on the needs, demands and comfort of the travelers of this particular market. Until now the travelers had been forced to believe by the airlines that air travel had to be expensive, Saif Air will change this mis - conception by making it affordable by offering competitive fares which everyone will afford to pay and be able to travel more frequently. To establish itself, Saif Air promises to offer its customers the best value proposition in the markets it will serve, an exceptionally high level of services and comfort at 25 percent the economy class and 50 percent of the First-class current published fares. Saif Air promises to offer fares from £325 (economy), £550 (Economy Premium) to £1,250 (Business Premium), depending on the destination and time of purchase*.


*(example fare quoted between UK – Pakistan)



Airline Concept and Scope


Saif Air is established to take the advantage of the widening gap in the travel market between the U.K and Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This gap has been created by the absence of British Airways and other European Airlines. Saif Air will capitalize on this widening gap. Owing to British Airways who has stopped operating to Pakistan since 2008, there is no direct non – stop flights from any British airline or European airline from the UK, due to which the fares have rocketed very high on this route, which a normal working – class traveler cannot afford to pay, while on the other end the quality of the services has worsened.


Over the years, this travel market has been dominated by the national carriers. The past few years have witnessed a huge increase in the market share of PIA and other foreign (Middle East) carriers. Though PIA continues to be the market leader in all areas. This scenario is expected to change due to a new entrant.


The market factors strongly demand the inauguration of a new quality European airline to meet the demands and needs of the passengers travelling on this route. Saif Air has extensively studied this market and has listened to the travellers, understood their demands, needs and wishes. The passenger’s demand is to fly direct and save hours of travel time and money. This is why Saif Air is established to fill this widening gap. Because of the non – availability of direct non – stop flights, the passengers have no choice but to travel with Middle Eastern Airlines, making connections through the Gulf, which is time consuming and inconvenient due to difficult transit formalities, especially to passengers travelling with families, children and senior citizens. This indicates that Saif Air will get a significant share of the current travel market.


Saif Air will initially focus on the busiest routes of London (Stansted) and Manchester to Islamabad and Lahore (Pakistan) with two Airbus 330 - 300  aircrafts, which will be re-configured with 12 x 66” flatbed Business Premium class seats, 64 x 50” Economy Premium Class and 250 x 32”/33” Standard Economy seats. These are the most cost-effective aircrafts to start the airline with passenger load factors as low as 60%; Saif Air will uniquely position itself by focusing exclusively on the premium service, which will provide a very spacious and luxurious environment. 


Saif Air’s business plan is unique, incorporating six individual profit centres. These profit centres include:  Passenger Ticketing, Cargo, Advertising & Promotions (Branding), Commission based Services (hotel, car rental, insurance), Duty Free and Hajj & Umrah etc. Each centre will be responsible to generate additional revenue through its strategic partners, rather than from the pockets of our travellers alone. By generating income from these separate centres, Saif Air will be able to keep everyday fares low for our passengers and their families to enjoy affordable travel.


We believe that Saif Air will be successful. We will do this by providing services only to cities that provide concessions or subsidies to us and by operating in an environment where we will not be controlled by or competing with a major airline. We are very excited about this airline and after talking with the City Managers, Aviation Directors and Airport Managers; we can't wait to get the wheels in the air.


Saif Air has also received assurances from BA to have their passenger and cargo business and from UK Royal Mail for their mail contract for our future services to the countries we will serve. Saif Air has also established contracts with cargo and freight companies and travel agents in the UK and Pakistan.

Product and Service


As demonstrated throughout in its comprehensive business plan, it is clear that a strong growth potential exists for the future, and the airline will gear itself toward sensible, well - based growth and solid financial and business planning. The airline will mark themselves a premium airline with superior in-flight services.



More than just an airline, a lifestyle

Saif Air will differentiate itself as much as possible from the traditional airlines by offering unique kind of passenger services to its Business Premium as well as Economy class passengers alike. Passengers flying on Saif Air will identify to a lifestyle.



Saif Air will introduce a three-class luxury concept to our air travel. The newly designed classes will provide a "high tech," spacious, comfortable and luxurious environment.




In addition to a standard airline, Saif Air will also offer a unique meeting room environment enabling passengers to conduct business in an office setting while travelling.


Seats will have a 66-inch flatbed in business premium class, very similar to the first class of traditional carriers. Economy Premium Class seats will come with 50” pitch, matching Business Class of traditional carriers. Saif Air will make a special effort to offer good lighting for passengers, something which is lacking in today's airlines. Given the number of proposed seats, each passenger will enjoy considerable improvement in air quality over the established operators, an issue that is attracting increasing attention in the media.




Saif Air will ensure that the aircrafts are equipped with the amenities business travellers need in order to continue working while travelling. Again, Saif Air will aim to provide these services at a fair price in order to stimulate their use rather than high prices which are prohibitive. Saif Air aims to create a business center in the aircraft where passengers will be able to use telephone, fax, and printer. Each seat will be equipped with a laptop power supply.




Saif Air will focus on offering a high-quality service from the time of booking right to the time at which the passenger arrives at hotel/home in the destination city. Passengers will have the choice of booking a seat through the Internet, a call center, or a travel agency.



Free Pick/drop chauffeur Driven Limousine 

A free shared limousine service will be offered to our Business Premium class passengers on arrival. On the London Stansted side, free rail ticket to/from Liverpool Street station will be offered or a free car service to/from Cambridge.



Valet Parking Service

Saif Air will offer a complimentary valet parking service at London Stansted and Manchester which will save time for passengers wishing to drive to the airport.



Personalized service

Saif Air’s Business Premium Class & Economy Premium Class passengers will have individual DVD players to view the movie of their choice. On the catering side, Saif Air intends to offer a choice of cuisine by partnering with well-known brands. On the night flight from UK, passengers will have the option to order their breakfast on the train into Liverpool Street station, therefore giving them more time to sleep on the aircraft.


Saif Air will accommodate its business class passengers in departure and arrival lounges at all airports. The arrival lounge in Stansted will have shower facilities to accommodate business travellers going straight to work.


Finally, Saif Air will offer enhanced on - board shopping through extensive product offerings. Saif Air will sell exclusive products not widely available in traditional stores.


Saif Air will take special care in hiring and training the cabin crew as the level of on-board service is highly dependent on the quality of these people. The cabin crew will also be given nursing training to extend care facilities and care to children and elderly passengers.



Frequent Flyer Program

Major airlines have been successful at retaining customers by giving them frequent flyer miles each time they travel. Saif Air will introduce a frequent flyer program of its own which will be very simple and easy to understand. Most airlines have very complicated programs which often make it difficult for customers to redeem their miles. Saif Air will offer frequent flyer Internet cash/points that customers will be able to spend on specific future journeys. Saif Air believes that its value proposition combined with good service and a simple and innovative frequent flyer program will be sufficient to retain customers



Other Opportunities

While scheduled long haul flights will clearly be our focus, Saif Air will take advantage of opportunities in the high-end segment of Hajj and Umrah flights to Saudi Arabia where we are seeing strong growth. Such opportunities could fit in nicely with our schedule operation. Similarly, Saif Air will also consider ad hoc charters and corporate charters on a case by case basis.


There are two ways to start an airline in the UK. One to start operation on its own AOC, granted by the UK CAA, which takes a considerable time to obtain a fresh AOC. The other option to start operation on third party airline’s AOC. This option is cheaper and quicker. In UK most of the airlines take this route. Saif Air has also outsourced a Portuguese airline’s AOC and operating licences for its operation. This airline is in the business for the last 50 years. The airline's main business is the holiday/schedule operation in Europe. All its business comes through its own holiday company and through other designated travel agents and tour operators in the Europe. Outsourcing this airline, we will be able to use the services of their travel agents and tour operators and their own holiday company, which will benefit Saif Air getting business from all Europe.


This airline holds valid worldwide AOC and other EU operating licences. They also have all the mandatory AOC post holders (Training Pilot, Aircraft Engineers and Flight Operating Director etc.) in place to start flight operation. By using an existing airline, Saif Air will significantly reduce the risk of delays in the start - up phase.


Outsourcing of this airline’s licence will enable Saif Air to operate from any airport of the EU country to our intended airports, which have huge immigrant's population from Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, USA and Canada.


Saif Air will use the Portuguese airline's AOC for its UK – Pakistan operation in the first year and to India (Amritsar), Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada and Hajj/Umrah charter operation from the second and third year when it obtains its own AOC from the U.K Civil Aviation.


Saif Air prides itself to be a low-fare model, unlike other low fare airlines, Saif Air will offer full in-flight services to both its Business and economy passengers, plus complimentary pick & drop chauffeured driven limousine service to its Business Premium Class passengers and free coach service from/to Islamabad Airport to Mirpur City for its economy class passengers, coming with exceptionally high quality in-flight services to Business and economy classes alike.


To keep our fares attractive and affordable to our customers, we will keep employees and management numbers low, and our operating costs under control, along with seeking out other sources of revenues for the airline. These additional sources of revenue will come from Ancillary Opportunities such like In-flight advertisement, on – demand cargo and swift parcel delivery service.

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